Ready at Dawn: The authors of The Order 1886 were acquired by Facebook

After learning about the closure of Mixer and the arrival of its community on Facebook Gaming, we return to talk about the famous social network, which has decided to acquire the development team Ready At Dawn.

In the last three years there have been several collaborations between the two companies, since Facebook owns Oculus Studios and Ready At Dawn has developed several projects for the viewer over time: Lone Echo, Echo Arena and Echo Combat. The decision of the social network was therefore natural and will allow developers to work with greater serenity a Lone Echo II, currently being worked on at the studio. From the message published on the official Oculus website it has been revealed that there are also other projects in development, although there is no information on this. The only certainty about the team's upcoming games led by Andrea Pessino consists in the fact that all will be dedicated to owners of the virtual reality visors branded Oculus and will support both the movement system Zero-g that the Full-body IK (inverse kinematics).

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In short, the already low hopes of seeing a sequel to The Order 1886 by Ready At Dawn on the next-gen Sony console, PlayStation 5, are now to be completely abandoned.


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