Re: Zero 2, despair returns in the brand new anime trailer

Several years have passed since the debut of the first season of Re: Zero, an anime that gained tremendous popularity within the world community. After several months of silence, the production has finally released a new promotional trailer announcing the debut of the second series in July.

As promised the official profile of the anime, at the end of the event dedicated to Re: Zero 2, the study White Fox has finally revealed the highly anticipated new trailer and the official key visual, the latter available at the bottom of the news. The promotional video, on the other hand, can be viewed at the top of the page.

In March, in fact, due to the New Coronavirus, production had been forced to postpone the second season to a later date. After a few months of waiting, the team finally revealed that the first episode will debut on July 8th. We take this opportunity to remind you that, except for last minute changes, the rights are still in the hands of Crunchyroll which should take care of the distribution of the anime also in Italy. Season two will have 25 episodes, although it has not yet been confirmed, despite rumors about it, if the production will opt for a distribution in "split cour", dividing the television series between the summer and winter seasons.

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Either way, the trailer showed some excerpts from the new saga, including the appearance of new fearsome enemies and a vaguely similar to Emilia. And you, on the other hand, are interested in Re: Zero 2? Let us know with a comment below.


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