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 Ray Fisher joins the Snyder Cut movement with another image of Cyborg

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Image of Victor Stone in a deleted scene from Justice League (2017)

After this Friday the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement on Twitter became a trend, to try once more for Warner Bros. to release the version of "League of Justice" as conceived by its original director Zack Snyder, the actor Ray fisher has taken up the issue by publishing this morning a image from another scene That did not reach the movie version of the movie.

The image is a plane of the character that the actor interprets, that of Cyborg, but before its transformation, when it was simply Victor Stone. From the posters we see behind it seems to be in the Gotham City UniversitY.

Recall that Zack Snyder wanted to spend more time with Cyborg in the movie, telling his whole past story as Victor, since this movie would be when we would see the superhero for the first time, after briefly seeing him in "Batman v Superman".

The artist Jay Oliva also joins the movement, which is not surprising because he has always defended the idea that there is a Snyder version of the film. Thus an art arrives, apparently from the final moment, of the confrontation between Superman and Steppenwolf where we see the Kryptonian use his vision of heat on the villain.

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