Rainbow Six Siege officially announces Operation Steel Wave

If you are regular players of Rainbow Six Siege, you are in luck. Today, during its Livestream presentation, Ubisoft has unveiled all the details for the second season of Year 5 of the game.

And all the details of Operation Steel Wave have been announced, which introduces agents Ace, a new Norwegian attacker, and Melusi, the new defender of South Africa, as well as the complete redesign of the House map and a lot of changes. in the gameplay. In addition, to celebrate the announcement, a trailer has also been published with some gameplay and a few tips. You can see it below.

Going into more detail, Ace was part of the Norwegian National Guard, where he built a reputation as a hero. The Forsvarets Spesialkommando unit accepted him into their ranks, and in a joint operation with the UN in Somalia saved Kali’s life; After that, an offer came to join NIGHT HAVEN.

Ace is equipped with SELMA, a throwable adhesive device that attaches to any vertical surface and destroys up to three panels of it, one after the other. SELMA can also be used against virtually any defender’s device, which will destroy with your arms or your water explosive.

For his part, Melusi enlisted in the South African National Defense Force to improve his skills and field training. She was seriously injured after an ambush, which led her to leave the army and become the heart of the Inkaba Special Forces Poaching Unit; There, she began training women from the area in tracking, interception, and surveillance.

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In addition, Melusi has the Banshee deployable electronic device, which slows down any attacker in its line of sight. Additionally, it can be used to obtain information, as it produces a recognizable sound when an attacker comes within range.

Finally, you should bear in mind that it will also be possible to explore a new version of the House map, completely redesigned. The owner of the place has welcomed a new member in his family, with which there have been important changes, such as the expansions of the basement, attic, and office tower areas. There are other modifications throughout the map, all with the intention of making the gameplay evolve.

Additionally, Operation Steel Wave’s test server will launch on May 19. This server is an alternative version of Rainbow Six Siege, which allows players to test future features that will be introduced to the game.


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