Rahul Kohli shares fan art of himself as Kyle Katarn

For weeks, people have been convinced that Rahul Kohli was interpreting Ezra Bridger in the second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, but he himself has confirmed on several occasions that he is absolutely not associated with the franchise in any way.

A clue to the arrival of the protagonist of Star Wars Rebels live action, however, had come from his initial Twitter joke that perhaps he was playing the character.
The thing wowed fans across the galaxy, making it object of all sorts of fan art. Many have represented Kohli as Ezra, but he’s not the only character people hope to see him play. The actor has indeed shared a fan art that depicts him as Kyle Katarn, the beloved main character of several Star Wars video games.

It seems that a Kohli simply enjoy playing with fans of Star Wars on social media, especially as everyone was excited about him joining the franchise.
Kohli recently spoke with ComicBook and explained the story behind her viral tweet of Ezra Bridger.

“I walk out of the gym and my phone is full of notifications. Someone wrote an article and then there are the tweets. And then I look at the tweets and say, ‘Oh no, this is a spiral.” This is the part where I have wrong because I was like, ‘No, that’s not true.’ But because, the only reason I ever became an actor was to be in Star Wars. That’s the only reason I became an actor. ” he has declared.

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“This thing happened where I ended up playing a role for a second and seeing the celebration of the fans to find out I mentioned Ezra Bridger’s name on Twitter, the 11-year-old in me said, ‘Oh, imagine if It was true. And even if I wanted it to be true, I couldn’t help but be the troll I am and not keep messing with people. ‘
But I only did it because it never turned negative.

It was like fans were suddenly saying “Oh my God, that casting works.” And, you know, I felt bad when Mike Flanagan congratulated with me and I said, ‘Oh man. No, I’m not in Star Wars, I’m sorry. ‘”

Rahul Kohli e Mike Flanagan they worked together in The Haunting of Bly Manor of which we recommend you read our review.


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