R6, Pengu talks about his retirement after the Invitational: “if the game remains a disaster …”

One of the legends of the R6 Siege competitive scene, Mortgages, has returned to talk about his possible retirement from the scene in a recent live on Twitch, “If (the game state) stays that way, my retirement is approaching”.

As early as July, Pengu had stated that he was thinking of retiring. Pengu still has a contract with G2 untilInvitational 2021.

Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen is unanimously recognized as one of the best Rainbow Six Siege players in the world but, right now, “I would not recommend the game in its current state to anyone”.

With Operation Shadow Legacy, Ubisoft has introduced several new features but, sadly, many of the old, frustrating bugs still remain. If casual players can overlook it, professionals don’t seem to like such a situation anymore, especially when they find themselves playing thousands of dollars.

On Reddit, Pengu confirmed what he said, explaining his feelings for the current situation of the game. “… honestly, I don’t want to take part in a competitive environment where the game is grossly flawed, inconsistent / unreliable and broken. The amount of rehost / bug / game / round deciding is absurd at the moment, I dare say one of the worst states Siege has ever been to. Balance is a mess, crosshairs are a mess, bugs are a mess.

I wanted to go to North America and play for an American team since the time of the Raleigh Major, but I had to stay in Europe. Do I want to go to America now? No. I generally feel like playing Siege competitively is draining me every single day to the point of emptying me. Playing Siege is no longer fun. But the main reason why is honestly because every single problem I encounter in game modes will have a DIRECT impact on my career in pro play.

I wouldn’t mind playing a half-broken game for fun, but playing a broken game to win? Trying to be the best? It deeply hurts my soul. If you find an audio bug mid-round you can’t rehost, you just have to play 4v5 until the next round and the pro game doesn’t have a pause button so it’s an announced defeat. “.

“I always cry for the game” Yes! I’m not afraid to voice problems … many professional players are silent on social media, but they talk a lot in private about the state of the game and how they feel. I am not silent; these are two years of disaster in which every day I wake up saying that tomorrow will be better, but it’s not like that “.

In short, if Ubisoft does not intervene to fix these problems, we have the feeling that Pengu will be only the first player in a long series to leave the competitive scene in the coming years.

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