PS5 won’t be Sony’s only bet for the next generation

Before the alarms go off, it must be made clear that at no time have they talked about new platforms (for example laptops). However, Sony has confirmed that they want to find more ways to expand their entertainment business in the video game sector.

Something that happens, it seems, for cloud gaming and streaming services. In other words, the company’s intention could be that those services would also start working independently of its main console. But in a more expanded way than the simple fact that PS Now works on PC. Don’t panic anyway – they’ve also confirmed that PS5 will be your main priority.

The remarks have been made by Kenichiro Yoshida, the company’s CEO today, following a speech at Sony’s corporate strategy meetings related to its year-end earnings report. Information that VentureBeat has echoed. And according to what they say, Yoshida has confirmed that they will invest a lot in exclusive experiences for PS5.

However, the emphasis was also placed on what we said at the beginning. In other words, Sony’s future goes beyond what gamers can do on their sofa by playing with the company’s latest hardware. According to Yoshida, they are trying to reach more people through cloud games, remote games, and mobile experiences.

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In addition, Yoshida has also spoken about the great advances that have been made through research and patents that have allowed us to learn more about cloud gaming and streaming. Basically when it comes to minimizing latency. Remember that yesterday we told you about the advances that Sony and Microsoft have made in that regard and through a collaboration of great benefit.

Finally, the CEO has also commented that they intend to implement novel systems in the future. And he has given as an example the possibility of buying a physical game, to then be able to play it on different platforms. All without forgetting to mention the role that 5G will play in the future, or to review the numbers of PS Now. Numbers that were made public yesterday and that demonstrate a trend of great growth last year.


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