PS5 vs Xbox Series X: the line ups of next gen consoles compared!

If June was the month of Sony with the event The Future of Gaming, July saw instead Microsoft protagonist with the Xbox Games Showcase appointment: but what exactly emerged from the two digital shows?

Both communication windows were used by the two gaming giants to present the public with a first range of titles destined to land on their next generation hardware. There amount of video games, already known or completely unpublished, the protagonist of the showcases turned out to be significant: for this reason, we propose below a production summary currently confirmed for SS5 or Xbox Series S, divided by gender.

First Person Shooter

  • SS5: Quantum Error;
  • Xbox Series X: Second Extinction; ExoMecha; Crossfire X; Halo: Infinite;

Action Adventure

  • SS5: Deathloop; Ghostwire: Tokyo; Jett: The Far Shore; Kena: Bridge of Spirits; Spider-Man: Miles Morales; The Pathless; Solar Ash;
  • Xbox Series X: Yakuza: Like a Dragon; The Gunk; Everwild; Senua's Saga: Hellblade II; Call of the Sea;


  • SS5: Demon's Souls; Godfall; Horizon: Forbidden West; Project Athia;
  • Xbox Series X: Echo Generation; avowed; Fable; The Ascent; Phantasy Star Online 2; Grounded;
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  • SS5: Returnal;
  • Xbox Series X: Scorn; The Medium; Warhammer: Dark Tides; STALKER. 2; Hello Neighbor 2; State of Decay 3;

Racing Game

  • SS5: Destruction All Stars; Gran Turismo 7;
  • Xbox Series X: Forza Motorsport;


  • SS5: Sackboy: A Big Adventure; Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart; Oddworld: Soulstrom; Bugsmax; Astro's Playroom;
  • Xbox Series X: Psychonauts 2;


  • SS5: Havenly Bodies; Worms Rumble; Goodbye Volcano High; Little Devil Inside;
  • Xbox Series X: Tell Me Why; As Dusk Falls; Gears: Tactics; Microsoft Flight Simulator;

In closing, it is necessary to specify that the list shown may vary over the next few weeks, in particular net of more specific information related to temporal exclusivity of titles intended to expand the platforms supported in a post-launch phase. The list is also likely to grow: for example, Microsoft has new Xbox Series X announcements arriving in August. From Sony, however, no certain communication at the moment, while rumors report an alleged new State of Play, also expected for the next month.


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