PS5: ‘The Xbox Series S reveal gave Sony an advantage’, for DFC analysts

Despite the great interest aroused by the reveal of the Xbox Series S which, with its 299 euros, will almost certainly make it the cheapest nextgen console on the market, DFC analysts believe that Sony, with PlayStation 5, has an advantage over Microsoft’s competition. .

In a report published on the sidelines of the Xbox Series X and S date and price announcement, DFC analysts highlight how “Value for money is difficult to predict and determine. Microsoft presented Series X as the most powerful system and suddenly announced a console that seems to neutralize that communication with a lower price and power.”.

The gaming research and analysis company also adds that “The reveal of Series S really confirms how Microsoft, focusing on the long-term digital delivery strategy, has given Sony and its PlayStation 5 a great advantage in terms of hardware sales”.

As estimated by DFC, the hypothetical advantage of PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series S and X could also be determined by the poor amount of consoles which will be distributed to fine 2020: therefore there would be no leverage effect due to low price of S Series, at least on its debut on the market.

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Always according to DFC Intelligence, in fact, “Any hardware that may be launched at the end of the year will still be sold out. The scarcity of consoles available at the end of the year is likely to induce Microsoft to produce more Series S, giving Xbox a head start as an installed base. Unfortunately, however, everything else is clearly in PS5’s favor. Microsoft has lost the communication challenge and PS5 has become the console everyone wants to buy to access exciting games. “.


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