PS5, State of Play coming soon? Sony updates the 'Future of Gaming' playlist!

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For several days now rumors have come from several sources about the possible transmission of a new State of Play in August, aimed at continuing Sony's communication campaign in view of the launch of PlayStation 5.

Several personalities have expressed themselves on the topic, including the generally well-informed Imran Khan, who recently claimed to expect not only a new appointment for the month that has just begun, but also the announcement of new partnerships between Third Parties and PS5. Now, to the list of rumors is added a further, potentially interesting piece.

As you can in fact check directly at the bottom of this news, the well-known Insider Tidux reports an intriguing sighting. The Youtube channel PlayStation official has indeed welcomed theupdating of a specific PlayList. called "Future of Gaming", the latter gathers within it the announcements related to the future flagship of Sony. According to the screenshot reported by the Twitter user, the PlayList was updated during the day of Friday 31 July: that the announcement of a nuoco State of Play is actually in the home straight?

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For the moment, the question unfortunately remains unanswered: therefore there is nothing else to do but to await any confirmation or denial by Sony!

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