PS5, reduced production: Sony denies the rumors reported by Bloomberg – Updated

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony Interactive Entertainment would reduced the estimated production volume of the PlayStation 5 for the current fiscal year (which ends March 31, 2021) of approximately four million units.

In July there was talk of an increase in production with Sony intending to have about ten million pieces available for the 2020 Christmas season, but the situation has apparently changed and the new Bloomberg report talks about eleven million consoles to be produced by the end of March. Now, Sony should have around 11 million PS5s available for the current fiscal year, instead of 15 million as originally planned.

The reasons for this production cut are to be found in production yield below SoC (System on Chip) expectations, the problem is currently being resolved and the situation is improving day by day, however this inconvenience prevents factories from meeting planned production volumes. Sony declined to comment on the report, Bloomberg verified the news with his sources, who would be familiar with the subject matter, apparently being involved in the production process.

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Recall that on September 16 the company will hold a new PlayStation 5 showcase, according to Masahiro Wakasugi (Bloomberg Intelligence analyst) on this occasion the price of the console will be announced set at $ 449 for the standard model and $ 399 for the Digital Edition.

UPDATE: in a note sent to the Games Industry editorial staff, Sony denied it as reported by Bloomberg. The statement reads as follows: “Despite the fact that we will not disclose details related to production processes, the information provided by Bloomberg is false. We have not changed the extent of the PlayStation 5 in manufacture since the start of mass production“.


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