PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox Series X, Series S and One X in an interactive 3D comparison

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X we know them very well by now, while to touch PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S e Xbox Series X we must necessarily continue to be patient. The wait for Microsoft’s consoles will end on November 10, while a release date is not yet available for Sony’s proposal.

For next-generation consoles, at the moment, we have to settle for mere numbers (some reporters who have unpacked Xbox Series S and X fared better), but luckily Windows Central has made a interactive 3D comparative practice which compares all the aforementioned consoles, which helps us get an idea of ​​the differences in size. You can find it at this address (we advise you to consult it with a well-equipped PC or smartphone), while a little below we have listed the measurements of all consoles included in the comparison (those of PS5 are unofficial and based on a source of Let’s Go Digital).

Dimensions of the consoles

  • PlayStation 5: 380 mm x 310 mm x 100 mm (unofficial)
  • PlayStation 4 Pro: 327 mm x 295 mm x 55 mm
  • Xbox Series X: 301 mm x 151 mm x 151 mm
  • Xbox Series S: 275 mm x 151 mm x 63,5 mm
  • Xbox One X: 300 mm x 240 mm x 60 mm
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The smallest of the lot is Xbox Series S, while the one with the most unusual form factor is definitely Xbox Series X. The most bulky and imposing is PS5. Which next-gen console will you put in your living room at the end of the year?


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