PS5: price and release date announced on September 14? New rumor

The waltz of the gods continues rumor legati a PlayStation 5, after Microsoft has Xbox Series S announced (with release date and price) and the leakers have revealed the price of Xbox Series X, many are waiting for a move by the Japanese giant.

According to a retailer affiliated with GAME UK, Sony may have scheduled a PS5 announcement on September 9th, a day that is no coincidence given that today we celebrate 25 years of PlayStation in the United States. However the Tweet in question has been removed and new details now come from Roberto Serrano ‘, it must be said, however, that the Italian insider does not have a particularly positive track record in recent times and therefore we invite you to take what is reported with due precautions.

In particular, Serrano ‘points out that all the plans previously planned for the presentation of PlayStation 5 in September have been skipped and recalls how Eric Lempel in July declared that the price and the release date of PS5 would be revealed during a special event is not via a PlayStation Blog post.

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With these words in mind, Serrano ‘expects a new PlayStation event on September 14th with the latter being announced on 10 September at 16:00 (Italian time). The same insider, however, underlines how everything is in a TBC state, or to be confirmed (To Be Confirmed). At the moment, therefore, there is nothing for sure, we are waiting for official announcements from Sony.


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