PS5, pre-orders open in early September? The rumors do not stop

With the month of August nearing its end, the launch window indicated for is getting closer and closer PlayStation 5, coinciding with the period of the Christmas holidays.

While Microsoft has at least confirmed the Xbox Series X debut for November 2020, from Sony more detailed news regarding the launch of the next gen console. Inevitably, however, the time span during which the videogame giant will be able to share the next official announcements concerning PS5, of which both the date and the launch price will sooner or later be revealed.

While waiting for information from Sony, the communication gap is filled by a continuous and unstoppable succession of rumor and rumors, coming from the most disparate sources. Among these, a large group of alleged insiders, including the Twitter user “Iron Man“With a rather fragmented history of predictions in the outcomes, the latter reports the next Wednesday 9 September as the opening date for PS5 pre-orders. At the moment, obviously, there is no official confirmation to support such a statement, to be considered therefore as a rumor.

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Pending information from Sony, we would like to point out some interesting considerations recently shared by the author of Oddworld: Soulstorm, related to the social features of PS5.


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