PS5 games to be announced soon according to Sony CEO

Rumors about a presentation of PS5 For June, with a good batch of games accompanying the console, they are gaining more strength now that the person in charge of Sony assures that they will soon show a powerful catalog of games for PS5.

The journalist Takashi Mochizuki had in Bloomberg his last meeting with the head of Sony and his statements. “We will soon announce a powerful catalog of games for PS5”

To date, Sony has shown practically nothing of PS5, because despite knowing the specifications of the console thanks to a technical talk and a slightly strange presentation of its even stranger control, we have not seen the console, nor has it spoken of any of his games so far.

Recently, SIE’s chief financial officer approached this question when asked if they were losing the battle with Microsoft, who did present their consoles and some of their games. In his opinion, whether or not they have won in the advertising strategy of the new generation is something that he prefers that the PS5 sales alone say, which shows great confidence in the PlayStation strategy.

A series of recent leaks have mentioned that the PS5 release date will be located in October this year. Sony denied one of them but they kept coming in other ways. In principle, both PS5 and Xbox Series X are dated for Christmas. In a few days, we should know how much is true in the rumors that place the presentation of the Sony system in the coming month.


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