PS5: exclusives will be more important than ever, word of Sony

During the show "The Future of Gaming", in addition to revealing the two versions of PS5, Sony has deployed a large park of exclusives both first and third party, both total and temporal.

A strong and well-defined declaration of intent, the result of a philosophy that Simon Rutter, Executive Vice President of PlayStation Europe, detailed the course of a recent interview with the Guardian. Rutter explained that PlayStation 5 exclusives will play a role "incredibly important" for the company, "more than they have done in the past".

The reason? "Thanks to their close proximity to the system designers, PlayStation Studios are able to take full advantage of PS5's performance, a quality that is decidedly relevant for a hardware owner. PlayStation can rely on a network of studies capable of showing everyone the innovations we are trying to convey "he said, and then brought up Gran Turismo 7 as a perfect example. "Gran Turismo 7 will benefit from almost every single technological advance that we have implemented in PS5", from 3D audio to the haptic feedback of the PS5 DualSense.

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