PS5 Event: Console Launch Exclusive, Albert Penello defends Aaron Greenberg of Xbox

The PS5 Showcase of September 16 was the scene of many announcements, however it is not a mystery that some communications have not been particularly clear, especially with regard to the exclusives of Demon’s Souls and Final Fanasy 16.

To raise the question was (also) Albert Penello, former Microsoft who defended Aaron Greenberg of Xbox, in fact a proud user of the term Console Launch Exclusive along with Phil Spencer. Penello attacks the public for the treatment reserved to former colleagues, accused of not being clear in the communication of exclusives, and not only.

According to Penello “the events reversed“with Sony having adopted some Microsoft slogans as a note the much-haunted Console Launch Exclusive. The former Xbox is not complaining to Sony but only wants to invite followers to think (and apologize to Greenberg) more instead of immediately attacking people with a sword on social media. Evidently, says Penello, the Xbox strategy wasn’t too bad if the competition decided to use a similar communication, also with reference to cross gen games. As announced yesterday, Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man Miles Morales and Sackboy A Big Adventure will be released not only on PlayStation 5 but also on PS4, partly echoing Microsoft’s “cross generational” philosophy.

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What do you think of it? Is Albert Penello right or not? Let us know in the space below dedicated to comments.


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