PS5: each unit will cost Sony $ 600, will the console be sold at a loss?

Having overcome the harsh criticism that has invested the managers of his Twitter profile after the PS5 4K problems hoax, the insider Dusk Golem returns to social media to be certain that Sony will sell PlayStation 5 at a loss, at least in the launch window of the nextgen console.

Net of slip on the 4K of PS5, in recent months the “deep throat” of Capcom has however been able to share some advances that later turned out to be true on Resident Evil Village and other projects of the Japanese company.

In an exchange with a follower of his, the insider reported that, according to his sources, every PlayStation 5 produced by Sony should cost roughly $ 600, hence the Japanese technology company’s intention of sell at a loss both models of PS5. To the fears of fans for PS5 sold to $ 600, Dusk Golem indeed explains that “It is not ironic that the production of every PS5 requires just that amount from Sony. The components used to produce it will become cheaper over time, but I am pretty sure they will sell it for a slightly lower price than the production one. Prediction for the PS5 price is $ 549 for the disc version, unless Sony decides to play the attack and sell it for 499 “.

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For the price of PS5, therefore, Dusk Golem foreshadows a situation similar to that of Microsoft with Xbox Series X and S sold at a loss to guarantee an economic return in the medium-long term thanks to the greater installed base and, therefore, to the revenues deriving from services and games. To have a definitive confirmation or denial of these hypotheses, however, just wait until ore 22:00 of Wednesday 16 September and witness the surprises reserved for us by Sony with the PS5 event on date, games and price of the nextgen console.


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