PS5: Bugsnax developers praise DualSense's haptic feedback

Young Horses, the team responsible for developing Bugnsax, recently commented on the potential of DualSense, the controller of PlayStation 5, explaining in detail how some of the functionality will be implemented within the game.

According to the words of Phil Tibitoski is Kevin Zuhn haptic feedback, LEDs and adaptive triggers will help make the experience more engaging and make the player feel immersed in that world:

"To date, all consoles have only supported classic vibration, an interesting feature that can increase engagement. I've never experienced anything like DualSense haptic feedback though."

"Our game, with a subjective view, walking on different types of surfaces, jumping in the water and meeting a Bugsnax allows you to always have different sensations. You can feel the difference between walking on the grass or in the water, on the sand or on the snow. In the game there are also weather conditions and if there is a storm it is possible to perceive where the thunder comes from thanks to the vibration. "

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"We are also using the controller light to let the player know how close a Bugsnax is to falling into a trap. We will not fail to use adaptive triggers: each trap has different functions and some of these exploit triggers and vibration to give the player the feeling that he is really positioning them. "

In short, it seems that the game will use every single feature of the Sony next-gen controller. Waiting to find out which other games will do the same, we invite you to take a look at the announcement trailer of Bugsnax, a new project by the creators of Octodad.


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