PS5: beyond the borders of the next gen in the new Sony commercial – Updated

The leaders of Sony Interactive Entertainment are preparing for the PS5 event on date and price with a new TV spot, leaked from the pages of the official PlayStation YouTube channel, which describes the console as “beyond the boundaries of the nextgen”.

The message of the Japanese technological giant is conveyed by the now famous PS5 slogan “The Game Has No Limits” and by a cinematic scene that immortalizes a fleet of ships intent on overcoming the boundaries of the nextgen represented, in this case, by a dimensional portal opened on the ocean.

The promotional video “The Edge” is however only the latest of the initiatives carried out by Sony to promote its next generation console, just think of the recent restyling of the PS5 games pages on the official PlayStation site or the PS5 advertising in the Champions League , in the matches of the final phase of the last edition of the greatest European football tournament.

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Without detracting from this spot, the “most awaited border” by fans of the Black Monolith is however the one we will be able to cross from ore 22:00 of Wednesday 16 September with the PlayStation 5 Showcase, the digital event that will finally reveal the launch price and release date of Sony’s nextgen console.

Updated on September 14, 5:30 pm – As expected, PlayStation YouTube channels have officially released the spot in preparation for the PS5 event arriving on September 16.


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