PS5 between size and heat dissipation: a Sony designer speaks

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Speaking at a LinkedIn Q&A session, Sony's Matt MacLaurin explained the reason for PS5's generous size as chief designer of the PlayStation 5 UI.

During the AMA which saw him protagonist on the well-known social network for professionals and companies, MacLaurin candidly admitted that the reason for the size of the PlayStation 5 is to be found in the need, for Sony, to manage the heat issued by the internal components of the nextgen console.

According to PS5 interface designer, indeed, "It's a matter of temperature management. In this generation, consoles will be like small supercomputers. While the 7-nanometer production process offers incredible thermal efficiency performance, the power released is very extreme indeed".

MacLaurin's words go back to recent statements shared with the Guardian by Simon Rutter by Sony Interactive Entertainment: SIE's Head of European Business explained that the designers of the Japanese technological giant have made a great effort to make PS5 a silent console, starting right from the choice of a futuristic design with a form factor of generous dimensions for keep noise and temperatures under control.

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