PS5 and Xbox Series X: hardware in August, new announcements and partnerships! Speak Imran Khan

Indiscretions linked to the path of approach to the next gen follow one another: this time it is to discuss it Imran Khan, well-known videogame journalist, often proven to be a reliable and well-informed source.

During the last episode with the digital show Kinda Funny Games, the latter discussed very interesting aspects, referring to both Sony be a Microsoft. "From what I have heard, both must speak of hardware this month, in terms of price, availability etc.. – Imran Khan began – I also heard that, I don't know if this month or later, both have further software to show"Both on the Sony and Microsoft fronts, he added, they are coming soon exciting ads, capable of surprisingly surprising the public. On this front we point out that recently, Jeff Grubb, of Venture Beat, has suggested some dates for new PS5 and Xbox Series X events.

Furthermore, another interesting element, the videogame reporter openly stated the future announcement of further important partnerships between PS5 and Third Parties. In addition to Resident Evil 8 and Project Athia, therefore, there may be more in the pipeline: "There's more. – said Khan – Some things are holding on that I'm amazed they haven't presented yet, and I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to show them shortly".

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In short, according to Imran Khan it seems that there is still a lot of information coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X: will it be true?


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