PS5 and 3D audio: developers look for richer gaming experiences

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During the spring of this year, some initial information on what will be the technical characteristics of the next-gen Sony came from the pages of Wired. These included a commitment to 3D audio on the PlayStation 5.

On this last point, the editorial staff of GamesRadar collected the considerations on the subject shared by some insiders. Among the latter we find Samuel Justice, co-founder of Sweet Justice Sound Ltd, a company that has dealt in time with sound design for various video game productions, among which we can for example mention Fortnite or Injustice 2. During his speech, Justice stressed that "the computing power needed to create realistic acoustic models"has been over time"widely overlooked"In this light, the prospect of being able to rely on automated 3D audio in the future would represent"a big step forward for audio in video games", able to translate into"much richer experiences".

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A further interesting consideration in this matter came from Markus Clang, sound designer of Ghost Giant, adventure for PlayStation VR. The latter in fact highlighted the potential applications of ray tracing technology in the audio field. The latter, Clang points out, "could be used for improve the sense of realism", thanks to a real-time adjustment of the audio in relation to the environment surrounding the player.

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