PS5: after the news of the production cut, the value of Sony shares falls – Updated

The value of Sony Corporation shares fell 2.41% on the Nikkei index in the past few hours until it touched a maximum negative peak of 3% at the beginning of the trading day on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and then rose slightly.

The reason for this drop is to be found in the news of the production cut of the PlayStation 5, in the night Bloomberg published a report that talks about a cut of about 4 million pieces to the production of PS5 for the current fiscal year (which will end on March 31, 2021) due to a lower than expected production yield of the SoC (System on Chip).

The problem is being resolved, assures Bloomberg, however the Asian factories will not be able to guarantee the initial order equal to about 15 million pieces for the fiscal year, now there is talk of 11 million consoles produced in the next six months. Investors are worried that fewer consoles available obviously mean fewer consoles sold, moreover during the Christmas season, the most fruitful from the point of view of console and video game sales.

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Analyst Kazunori Ito, on the other hand, says he is calm, recalling how eleven million consoles produced by March 31, 2021 represent an important common value, the highest ever for a Sony console. Now the knot linked to the release date and the price of PS5 remains to be solved, we will know more during it PlayStation 5 showcase on September 16.

UPDATE: during the evening of Tuesday, September 15, Sony publicly denied Bloomberg, denying a reduction in the productions of the PlayStation 5.


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