PS4 from Bloodborne to TLOU 2: a fan creates the definitive exclusive poster

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After venturing with the Batman fan of Terra-2 with Robert Pattinson, independent designer Kunal Chopra, he wanted to retrace the legacy of the exclusives of the PlayStation 4 era by creating a splendid fan made poster that, if necessary, can be transformed into the cover of a hypothetical "mega-bundle" PS4.

In the splendid Chopra project, all the protagonists of the most important exclusives of Sony's current-gen console find space.

The upper part of the fan made composition is dedicated to the quintet represented by Sam Bridges (Death Stranding), Peter Parker (Marvel's Spider-Man), Ellie (in its adult version from The Last of Us Part 2), Kratos (God of War) e Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn), with the hero of inFamous Second Son and the threatening skull of Until Dawn in the background.

In the central and lower part of the Chopra celebratory poster we find all the other characters of the most iconic PlayStation 4 exclusive, ranging from Uncharted 4 to Ratchet & Clank to get to Bloodborne and Days Gone. Of course, there is also room for Jin Sakai's samurai Ghost of Tsushima, the latest blockbuster PS4 signed by Sucker Punch.

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To ideally link the digital experiences lived by the emulators of all these heroes, Chopra wisely decided to "merge" his composition with the symbols of the characteristic quartet of PlayStation keys that we find in all Sony console controllers, including the PS5 DualSense. Take a look at the full picture of the Kunal Chopra poster and let us know with a comment what you think.

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