PS4 'could have been the latest PlayStation console', reveals a former Sony executive

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The editorial staff of VideoGamesChronicle incorporates the important statements shared by Shahid Kamal Ahmad, a former Sony executive, regarding the fate that would have belonged to the entire gaming division of the Japanese technological giant if PS4 had not achieved the commercial success hoped for by the company.

According to VGC journalists, Ahmad's statements were made by the former executive of the Indie division of SIE on the sidelines of the interview granted to the curators of the PlayStation Revolution documentary coming in September.

In sharing this interesting background, Ahmad starts with reflections on the "difficult period" crossed by Sony in the PS3 years: "The PS3 was a lot of things for many different people, but it was certainly a difficult period because a lot of work was needed to overcome the monetary deficit created by the launch of this extraordinary hardware. (…) The PlayStation division that is emerged at the end of the PS3 era, it was a much more gritty, determined and focused entity than the more 'aristocratic' one of the first phase of PS3 ".

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After this due preamble, the former Sony executive relives the emotions of thePS4 presentation event and states that "I think we were also surprised at how incredible the reception of PS4 was at the time, because it was a kind of redemption. We had overcome difficult moments with PS3 and now everything was in the right place. We had to do everything right because, otherwise, it could have been the end ".

For Ahmad, therefore, much of the success of PlayStation 4 would be attributed to cultural change of Sony executives after the difficulties encountered in the PS3 era: "The PS4 strategy was set and all we had to do was launch it and wait for the audience to react. Our partners were present, the developers were involved, the price had been set and important DRM decisions were also made. , which had been so controversial in other events ".

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