PS Now exceeds 2 million subscribers

The news is not so much the fact that Playstation now has managed to overcome the barrier of 2 million subscribers -that too-, but the extraordinary growth it has undergone compared to other years, which marks an interesting trend at the level of market research.

The fact is that, currently, Sony’s cloud gaming service for PS4 and PC already has 2.2 million subscribers worldwide. A year ago it had just over a million, while two years ago it barely exceeded 700,000 subscribers. As you can see, very important growth.

The information comes from a Sony corporate strategy meeting in which, as noted by Gamingbolt, it was revealed that PS Now had exceeded 2.2 million subscribers as of April 2020. Figures that, after all, They pretty much agree with what the PlayStation CEO said last year.

Basically Jim Ryan confirmed that the company would press harder with Now in the future. And somehow, those numbers should make Sony continue to attach great importance to service even in the short term. For now, we remind you that last week new AAA titles came to PS Now. Among them, The Evil Within 2 and Rainbow Six Siege.

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On the other hand, Sony likely also has in mind that PS5 may be part of the PS Now equation in the future. Although at this point it is difficult to guess how he will do it. The most plausible would be that the service was compatible with the console.

In this way, beyond the own backward compatibility of PS5 with PS4 games, there would be many old titles that would be playable on the new machine. Also, by the time that happens, the catalog will be even more nourished. Another story is when PS5 games could start coming to PS Now. And for that, we are very afraid, it will take a long time. If it occurs.


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