producers on the themes of season 3, from Darkwing Duck to nostalgia

The brave reboot di DuckTales he tried to imagine the mythical series based on ducks from scratch, with a renewed style and found it decidedly successful. With the arrival of the third season the producers have made clear their intentions, and it seems nostalgic fans will have something to be happy about.

DuckTales Season 3 is all about legacy. And part of the legacy of the original DuckTales is tied to those Disney Afternoon series, like Cip & Dale Special Agents, TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck. It is no coincidence that in the third season all these characters from Disney Afternnon came out. It’s part of a bigger meta story we wanted to tell “, Franck Angones said in an interview for D23.

We saw Darkwing Duck appear in the new Ducktales trailer, and apparently many more characters are expected to land in the series. In this regard, Matt Youngerberg also had his say: “We’ve been spreading clues about Darkwing for quite some time. Darkwing fans were very curious to find out what we were going to do, why we built a series within the series, which diverges a lot from the original Darkwing Duck myth. “

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In general the authors are focusing on respect the past of the serieswhile still trying to innovate and make fans happy. In the third season, currently underway in the US, we will have an episode focused on Here and one in which Daisy Duck will return.


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