Prison School: Meiko Shiraki irresistible and sexy in this cosplay

Prison School is a comedy with a distinctly sexy tone. The seinen written and drawn by Akira Hiramoto has been published for years and has also received its animated version which has earned new followers for the whole brand. What the author fielded was a story of eroticism and evasions.

With the protagonists of Prison School launched in a school that is practically only for girls it was also normal to have such a situation, especially if the girls around are very beautiful. One of those that stood out the most was Meiko Shiraki, vice president of the secret student council and who with whips, crotch miniskirts, blouse that calmly showed her huge breasts, attracted everyone, high school students of the manga and readers.

Of course, the character has received various equally sexy cosplays such as Ashlynne Dae in lingerie. But now back in high school clothes even if worn once again with everything in plain sight. Below you can see the two photos of Lada Lumyos with her cosplay di Meiko Shiraki. Open white blouse, raised skirt, usual riding crop, glasses and white hair. Many would have herself locked up in prison.

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The author Hiramoto was struggling with another manga with erotic tones, Raw Hero arrived for Star Comics.


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