Prison School: Meiko Shiraki in lingerie is ready to whip you in this sensual cosplay

Maybe the school of Prison School it is a male paradise, being almost exclusively female. This is what Kiyoshi and the other protagonists of the work thought on the first day, before being discovered and sent to prison. But even there they were able to enjoy some attentions of the beautiful Meiko Shiraki.

The sadistic vice president of the student council is one of the sexier characters from Prison School: tall, prosperous and with the right curves at the right point, it does not fail to make use of clothes that highlight these characteristics even more. The blouse opens on the chest leaving the breast almost free, the skirt is very short and the panties are always at the limit.

In Prison School we had so many visions of the genre and now the cosplayer Ashlynne Dae wanted to bring them into reality. After already wearing her Meiko Shiraki cosplay in school clothes, this time the model wanted to focus on a slightly different vice president. In the photo posted on his Instagram account, Ashlynne Dae introduced us to a Meiko Shiraki in lingerie. Let's imagine you wouldn't think twice about getting her put in prison and spending every day peering at her during forced labor.

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Both the manga and the anime have long since ended, but don't miss our review on Prison School anyway.


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