Prince of Persia may have appeared on Amazon, won’t it be released on Nintendo Switch?

For some time there has been talk of a possible new episode of Prince of Persia (or a remake of the first trilogy), however there are still no confirmations on the matter even if prominent journalists like Jason Schreier have confirmed the existence of this project.

According to rumors the new Prince of Persia will be announced at Ubisoft Forward on 10 September and a new clue to this effect seems to come from Amazon, the famous retailer has included in the list a mysterious Ubisoft game (generically called Ubisoft Game) for Nintendo Switch, with placeholder release date set at 31 December.

Many have wondered if the title in question is Prince of Persia, however Daniel Ahmad does not seem to lean towards this thesis and in a Tweet he makes it known how the price list is incorrect, while not denying in any way the existence of a new episode of PoP. According to other speculations, the game that appeared in the Amazon price lists would actually be Immortals Fenyx Rising (ex Gods & Monsters) the latter also arriving on Nintendo Switch.

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In short, the situation is not too clear, we will know more during the Ubisof Forward event scheduled for September 10, we will follow him on Twitch live from 18:00 tomorrow afternoon.


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