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Prince Harry has finally spoken and his unfiltered speech is a mix of nostalgia and hope for the future

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The Prince Harry in a speech eagerly awaited he finally told his truth behind the striker withdrawal from the Royal Family of which he and his wife Meghan Markle they are the undisputed protagonists. After weeks of guesses and fake news, Queen Elizabeth's press release with the agreements to get Meghan and Harry out of the royal family in a delicate and painless way for everyone has closed the question: the Sussex are officially out of the family, at least from the point of view of public commitments. At the gala dinner for his charity Sentebale finally Prince Harry said his, without filters and with so much emotion. If you are wondering what is behind the divorce from his family and what Harry feels right now, well, you would ask him first.

Prince Harry, the Sentebale dinner retreat speech

The Harry's speech at the Sentebale dinner it is the first unveiled statement – and among the most informal after the string of official press releases of these days – that comes out on the story that the world media have nicknamed #Megxit. To the association for Lesotho which he founded in 2006 also in honor of his mother Lady Diana he cares a lot and Prince Harry owed honesty to the audience at the London gala.

Before I started, I wanted to say that I can only imagine what you have read or heard in the last few weeks … So I want you to hear the truth from me and what I can share, not so much as a prince or as a duke but simply as Harry, the same person that many of you have seen growing in the past 35 years.

The war on the fake news of Harry and also of Prince William in the past weeks has reached the extreme and it is no coincidence that the Prince's speech began with the denial of everything that helped build the media story about the removal of Harry and Meghan from London. And among the highlights of his speech, the one in which he speaks of his country with a hint of nostalgia is perhaps the most exciting passage.

Great Britain is the country I love and this will never change. I grew up feeling the support of each of you and saw how you welcomed Meghan when you realized that I had fallen in love and had found the happiness I have been looking for all my life. Diana's second son also fell for it, hurray!

The Caring Foundation's Night For Sentebale

Prince Harry's speech at the Sentebale dinner comes after weeks of speculation and fake news.

Chris JacksonGetty Images

I know you know me enough to know that the woman I chose has the same values ​​as me. And it's the same person I fell in love with. We both tried to do everything possible to proudly carry the royal duties and when we got married Meghan and I were excited, hopeful and full of desire to serve the country.

The central point of your speech? In addition to the love he feels for his family and his country, also for Meghan Markle who is not the woman who took him away from his country and his duties as a prince but the person he chose to have next to him. If you think that Harry doesn't care about having to leave his country, not being able to use the title of "Royal Highness" anymore and above all having lost all his military merits, you're wrong. From the words of Harry's speech it is clear that in the initial project (later denied by the Queen) to remain royal part-time while living elsewhere and earning bread on his own, he believed it seriously.

I am very sad that it ended like this. The decision I made for myself and my wife to take a step back did not come lightly. There have been months of discussions after years of challenges. And I know I didn't always do it right, but there were no other options for me. What I mean tonight is that Meghan and I are not running away and I'm definitely not abandoning you. My hope was to be able to continue serving the Queen, the Commonwealth and my military associations, but without public funds. Unfortunately, it was not possible.

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Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace during one of his last senior royal events, immediately after the drop bomb was released.

Karwai TangGetty Images

I accepted this and I know it will change everything. But I hope you understand that all this has been necessary and that taking my family away from everything I've always known is just to have the hope of a happier life. I was born in this world and it was a great honor for me to serve my country and the Queen.

The reference to Lady Diana has come to an end, because it is impossible to untie the character of the mother from that of the son: on several occasions the Prince Harry he said he would never get to the point of defending his wife Meghan from the same attacks her mother suffered in the 1990s.

When I lost my mother 23 years ago, you took me under your wing. You have protected me for a long time but the media are a powerful force and my hope is that with union we can truly win this battle. Serving my grandmother has been an honor, as I am incredibly grateful to the rest of my family for the support they have shown us in recent days. I will continue to be the same man today in another country and will devote my life to supporting the causes, associations and military communities that are so important to me.

You too had smelled it that in life as a prince and as a full-time royal did not find its right size and the fact that it was he himself who confessed to having reached this point after years of wars and challenges makes you understand the extent of the his decision. And it is true that regret in the words of the speech of Prince Harry it is very strong but we do not read it repentance for the choice it has made to live mainly in Canada with Meghan and the baby Archie and totally change his life, just a hint of nostalgia for how it could have gone if it had been all different. And the anecdote he told the Sentebale dinner about her son she reveals how excited she really is about their new adventure.

It is nice for me to know that you are happy for the arrival of my son Archie, who in the last few days saw his first snow and thought it was just amazing!

End of story: this is the truth of Prince Harry. We can't wait to know what the future holds for him, Meghan Markle and others Baby Archie!

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