Preview and images for Black Clover 165: the resolve of Noelle and Mimosa

The Black Clover animated series is nearing its end, but despite this it is experiencing its highlight. Indeed, the exciting multi-pronged battle between the Dark Triad and the Magical Knights of the Kingdom of Clover continues to rage violently.

Entitled “The Crusade of Water”, episode 165 of the anime based on the work of Yuki Tabata will focus on the perverse scenario of the Kingdom of Hearts. Intended to kidnap Princess Lolopechka, Vanica Zogratis of the Dark Triad will face Noelle Silva of the Black Bull and Mimosa Vermilion of the Golden Dawn.

Although it seems impossible to counter the antagonist only with the common magic attacks, the two girls have significantly improved following the training they underwent for battle. As you can see from the images at the bottom of the news, their warrior spirit burns intensely; both Noelle and Mimosa seem determined to defend the Kingdom of Hearts and their friends.

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Meanwhile, the captain of the Black Bull will arrive just in time to save his underlings from Dante’s murderous fury. The clash with the Dark Triad rages in the advances of Black Clover. A dark battle was anticipated by the images of Black Clover 164. As for the paper counterpart, however, here are spoilers and images for Black Clover 283.


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