presents its nomination for best comedy series of the year with a sensational season

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One of the biggest surprises of Spanish television in 2019 was ‘Vote Juan’, a peculiar comedy about politicians by the hand of Diego San José, a regular collaborator of the filmmaker Borja Cobeaga with whom he had worked in titles such as ‘Pagafantas’, ‘No control’ or ‘Eight Basque surnames’. However, for the series broadcast by TNT, he chose to ally himself with Juan Cavestany, one of the creators of ‘Vergüenza’, the title with which ‘Vote Juan’ had certain points in common.

Now the series returns with a new batch of episodes that has changed its name to become known as "Let's go Juan." If in the first season there was an impact on the disastrous role of the character played by Javier Camera in the Government, this time we are witnessing his attempt to become a relevant politician in an impeccable season with which his leaders are already presenting their symbolic candidacy for the best series elections of the year.

The return of Juan Carrasco

Come on Juan Carrasco

Juan Carrasco is now a bitter teacher whom nobody loves and who is famous for being corrupt. Surely he had never been further from his main goal of being loved, because he was even humiliated repeatedly by one of his students. Lower it's hard to fall and the starting point of ‘Vamos Juan’ is in his attempt to build a new political party to become the new president of Spain.

This new dynamic gives rise to the series maintaining its characteristic sense of humor, but providing essential detail that makes it richer than its predecessor. I mean that the comic anecdotes that work as a reflection of the protagonist's personality are more subject to a continuous plot.

In ota Vote Juan ’there was sometimes a tendency to use them to underline the protagonist's personality and that by accumulation they were leading to his already questionable credibility not failing. Instead, ‘Let's go Juan’ integrates them much better in the pathetic attempts of its protagonist to take his political party forward, feeling like something that really emanates from him.

Come on Juan Scene

One of the great successes of this second season is to achieve this without completely destroying the character in front of the viewer. To be clear, Juan has always been mean and miserable, but there was something about him that incited the viewer to feel a certain pity instead of just liking us. There, having someone with the talent of Javier Cámara helped a lot to achieve an almost impossible balance.But that is something that has been further refined in these seven new episodes.

Certain details help, such as the fact that Juan also has a lot of faint heartedness, so it is easy for him to convey a feeling of inferiority, especially in the scenes that Javier Cámara shares with Joaquín Climent. In my opinion, these have been especially decisive in keeping the protagonist in that line that prevents him from being an unbearable character. The other is what he pointed out before he is simply someone who wants everything to be loved.

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An impeccable balance

Image Come on Juan

This point is addressed directly in the sixth episode of this second season, curiously directed by the Chamber itself. From the beginning of it, the formal structure of the series is broken to introduce an even unimaginable concept: a Juan fan. An idea that could have gone very wrong but that ends up becoming an absolute triumph thanks to a very well measured script and the excellent contribution it makes Anna Castillo finding the exact point that your character requires at all times.

Until then an interesting evolution had already been shown in Juan -and in other characters, especially in a Victor who has to become the voice of reason but without ceasing to be entirely the character we met in 'Vota Juan'- But it is there where he seems to fully assume his most pathetic side. Until then he had played very well with the idea of ​​feeling some shame of others at his actions -especially inspired by the end of the fourth episode-, but here an unappealable level is reached by mixing its most despicable facet with its weaker side.

And it is a series that basically has a halo of sadness some of which may not even become aware of how funny it is, but we are not so much faced with a criticism of the Spanish politician as with a portrait of his decline. At the time they were respected authorities and in recent years they have been losing that and becoming an object of mockery, not infrequently for good reasons.

Scene Come on Juan

‘Vamos Juan’ takes the reflection of that sad reality one step further from humor, delimiting its protagonist even more and leaving us with an immense desire to meet Juan Carrasco again. He is still that politician we would never vote for but who makes life a little happier with his continuous blunders and even with some of their most crawling behaviors.

If you add to this the arrival of some great characters like the one in charge of Jesus Vidal, one of the protagonists of 'Campeones', more talent behind the scenes with the arrival of Cobeaga and a precision almost like a surgeon when it comes to addressing all issues on the part of San José, what we are left with is an essential series that I give by Sitting that he will occupy a very high position when it comes to talking about the best series of 2020.

In short

'Let's go Juan' is a wonder, since it gathers all the virtues of ‘Vote Juan’, amplifies them and adds some more. Everything in it works wonderfully and the only thing left for us to do is wait for TNT to announce its renewal for a third season soon.

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