Prayer like ‘preliminary games’? Ashley Graham tells how she does it with her husband

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The model ensures that a solid marriage needs to practice as much sex as physically possible.

In view of the model Ashley Graham met her current husband Justin Ervin in the church, when she was in charge of accompanying the rest of the parishioners in the elevator and he kept going up and down from one floor to another until he managed to convince her for them to go out for coffee, it's not too hard to guess that faith has become a mainstay of their life in common.

One of the dummy's favorite nighttime rituals consists of book a few minutes before going to bed to meditate or pray and, on the occasions when her husband decides to accompany her, those prayer sessions usually end in the same way: with them two doing everything but sleep.

“When we pray together It is a more powerful experience. When we are praying in unison we always say to ourselves: aya Go … Do you also notice it? ’. The lights dim, soothing music starts to play and before you know it … Hello! The next thing I know is that we are tearing off our clothes. After finishing praying, of course, because that is the priority, ”he revealed as he passed through the program ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’.

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This curious form of preliminary games fits perfectly with Ashley's theory about what is the secret to building a solid marriage and going through practice as much sex as physically possible seizing any opportunity.

"It's great. It is an experience that it helps to unite more as a couple both physically and spiritually, ”said the celebrity, who is expecting her first child with Justin.

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