Popular Digimon land in the Pokémon games in these fan-created sprites

Always rivals, the franchises of Pokémon e Digimon they are experiencing a second youth. One thanks to the recent arrival of the eighth generation, the other thanks to the remake of the animated series Digimon Adventure. But one fan took the two brands back to the past.

A Pokémon and Digimon enthusiast has decided to end the historic feud between the two franchises with one spectacular mash up. On his Twitter profile, user @sindorman brought the most beloved Digimon straight into the universe of the first Pokémon games. Agumon, Patamon and Gabumon, and their respective evolutionary lines, have been reproduced in the form of video game sprites developed by Game Freak.

These particular artworks are based on the original Pokémon: Agumon’s sprite, for example, is clearly taken from Charmander’s, while Gabumon’s design mirrors that of Growlithe. The work done by @sindorman is excellent and despite the differences it highlights once again full compatibility of the two brands. What do you think? Would you have liked a Digimon game with this style? It is not the first time that the two works are associated; from the crossover between Pokémon and Digimon a frightening creature was born. After a wait of over ten years, the Pokémon soundtrack is back on CD.

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