Pokémon XY: Explorations in Kalos is now visible for free and with the Italian dubbing

The Italian Pokémon website recently confirmed the arrival of Pokémon XY: Kalos exploration on Pokémon TV, its streaming platform accessible for free from the official website or from the homonymous application downloadable on mobile devices. All 45 episodes episodes are available for free and with Italian dubbing.

The website describes the series as follows: "Get ready to follow Ash and Pikachu as they continue their incredible journey through the Kalos region. To watch this great season, tune into Pokémon TV starting August 7. XY – Kalos Exploration will be there waiting for you! Don't miss out on Ash as he continues to do his best to win the eight Badges that will allow him to enter the Kalos League. Ash and his traveling companions will make new friends, meet new rivals and, as always, meet some amazing Pokémon.

Serena, along with her Fennekin and her new friend Pancham, will launch into the world of Pokémon Showcase, while Clemont will continue to create new inventions hoping that sooner or later one will be successful! Clem, meanwhile, has not lost sight of her goal: to find a person to take care of her big brother!".

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Pokémon XY: Kalos Exploration is the eighteenth season of the anime, in which Ash finally discovers the potential of his Greninja. We remind you that season 23 of the series is currently on the air, or Pokémon Explorations, and that soon the same will be available in Italian on K2.


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