Pokémon Twilight Wings: Olive's hard routine in episode 5, available on YouTube

The fifth episode of Pokémon Twilight Wings is finally available on YouTube with Italian subtitles, after about a month of postponements caused by the Covid emergency. At the top of the article you can take a look at the episode, this time dedicated to the two heads of Galar's administration: Vice-President Olive and her boss, Rose.

Episode 5, titled "The Assistant", is the third to last in total, and is related to the events told in the first episode of Pokemon Twilight Wings. The first half of the episode focuses on Olive's terrifying work routine, while the second focuses on her relationship with the President and Galar's research laboratory.

We remind you that Pokémon Twilight Wings is an animated miniseries composed of seven episodes, set in different periods in the Region presented with the video games Spada e Scudo. The first episode, entitled "The Letter", focused on the story of the very young John, the second told the deeds of the Gym Leader Bea, the third the relationship between Hop and his Wooloo and the fourth the Azzurra path. The series will end in August 2020.

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