Pokemon Threat Purple: all the characters of the lore and the images of the game

We have already told you about Pokemon Purple Threat starring Dario Moccia, but obviously it is not the only character that appears in the game, which presents all the main protagonists of the Lore of the channel.

In addition to Agnese, other extra characters like Luna, CP2 Grunt, Ettore, The Masella, Masseo and GSkianto, names that viewers of Dario's broadcasts have come to know well in these years and well illustrated in Dario Moccia's Wiki della Lore.

You can see artwork and sketches prepared in the gallery at the bottom of the news together with some game screenshots which show the characters in action, the settings and the graphic style inspired by the Pokemon games of the 32-bit era such as Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby and Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Pokemon Purple Threat is an unofficial 100% fan made game made exclusively for Dario Moccia and not intended for sale, however it is possible to download it for free on PC, once downloaded you will have to unpack the archive and start the game by clicking on the executable Game.exe with the orange icon, remember to install the fonts in the main folder to avoid glitches and graphic problems.

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