Pokémon: The community commemorates a burning two of spades received by Brock

With twenty-three seasons under its belt, the latest of which is leading Ash to explore the mysteries of the Galar Region, Pokémon confirms itself as one of the longest running and most loved franchises by the public. And the community, despite many years have passed, still does not forget the protagonists of the first unforgettable journey.

Ash’s first steps into the Pokémon world are long gone. From the first meeting with his Pikachu, the trainer managed to fulfill his dream by becoming a champion, as well as capturing loyal and powerful pocket monsters. Despite this, in the twenty-third season of the animated Ash, accompanied by Go, is now exploring Galar with the aim of reconfirming and obtaining new companions.

Before Go, however, there were two other protagonists to accompany Ash in his incredible adventures, Brock e Misty, respectively, gym leader of Pewter City, specializing in rock-type Pokémon, and Celestial City, specializing in the water type.

More than for fighting skills though, Brock is remembered by fans as being a “cascamorto” failed. During the journey with Ash and Misty, in fact, despite constantly receiving waste, he literally tries it with every female figure they know. And the community still suffers from one of its most brutal two spades suffered.

Reddit user I_Cognito shared the event in question, an episode in which Brock tries to conquer the woman of his dreams. Before we can try, however, the Pewter City gym leader is stopped by Misty, who affirms that it will be her nth “no”.

And do you still remember the adventures of this trio? Who knows, one day, Brock and Misty may not suddenly to return in the new animated series. Here’s what’s going to happen in the next Pokémon Expeditions episodes. A big return was anticipated by the synopsis of the next episode of Pokémon Explorations.


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