Pokémon Sword and Shield: New Season Pass Details

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If you have not yet seen everything that has been announced in the Nintendo Direct Mini this afternoon (which has come completely by surprise), it is better that you read this other article. The thing is that, among so many games announced, details have also been revealed about the Season Pass of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Below we tell you all the details exhaustively.

From the outset, it is necessary to comment that the expansion passes of Espada and Escudo will arrive in different parts. While Part 1 (The Isle of Armor) will arrive in late June, Part 2 does not yet have a specific date. Anyway, Nintendo wanted to make it clear that more information from Part 2 (The Snows of the Crown) will be revealed soon.

In any case, both Isla de la Armor and Nieves de la Corona will cost 29.99 euros each. In addition, both are already available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop. Obviously, it is required to have the full version of the game to be able to enjoy the downloadable content.

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Furthermore, each of these expansions will incorporate a new scenario in the Galar region. In the case of the Isle of Armor, which is the expansion for which new details have been given, the Trainers will go to a new Pokémon fighting dojo to polish their abilities, and receive the legendary Pokémon Kubfu from the hands of Master Mostaz.

Additionally, by training with Kubfu, they will be allowed to meet the challenge of the Pugna Towers on Armor Island. If they manage to conquer either of the two towers, Kubfu will evolve to Urshifu. On the other hand, in addition to new clothing items and hairstyles, expansion passes also include new backgrounds, effects and frames for League Cards.

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