Pokémon: revealed a beautiful statue taken from the Mewtwo Strikes Back movie

Among the various works that have made people talk in the great anime and manga market there are also the unforgettable ones Pokémon, which after the arrival of the trading cards literally exploded in a now immense franchise and which can count on millions and millions of fans scattered in every corner of the planet.

The brand has in fact seen the arrival of countless themed works, including manga, anime, films, video games and whoever has more to put on, with the public that has never ceased to pay homage to the production with cosplay and fanart of great level. With the success, many companies have thus decided to create themed products designed to attract the most avid collectors, companies including MFC Studio, which recently ended up in the spotlight thanks to a splendid Mewtwo Strikes Back themed statue.

As you can see from the images at the bottom of the news, the work showcases various Pokémon well known to all fans and among which stands out in particular a Mewtwo ready for confrontation, a job that will delight many fans also thanks to the great attention to detail. According to what was announced, the statue – whose dimensions are equal to 39x34x30cm – it is sold at a price of 296 euros and will be released between February and March 2021, while pre-orders are already open.

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