Pokemon Purple Threat by Dario Moccia: let's discover the Ceepedual amiibo!

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In addition to the characters of the lore of Dario Moccia, in Pokémon Purple Threat could not miss unpublished opponents … among these the role of absolute protagonist is up to Ceepedual, the terrible "purple threat" mentioned in the title of the adventure.

Ceepedual is in fact the secret weapon of CP2, a purple pyramid with one gigantic eye and two sharp teeth ready to chop opponents … indeed, the opponent, because the goal of Ceepedual is obviously to put Dario in the wheel! Also noteworthy is the presence of articulated arms made in a transparent pink color, as clearly shown in the Tweet below, which highlights the concept phase of this unique amiibo, obviously not for sale.

Ceepedual thus joins a well-fed cast, we remember that in Pokemon Threat Viola not only Dario and Agnese make their appearance but also names such as Luna, Il Masella, CP2 Grunt, Ettore, Masseo and GSkianto. Are you curious to try it? The game is not for sale but you can download Pokemon Purple Threat for PC and start it by clicking on the file with the orange Game.exe icon, before starting to play we recommend installing the fonts in the main folder to avoid glitches and graphic problems with the texts. Have fun!

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