Pokemon Players Cup, the new big online competitive event of the summer

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There are only a few weeks to the final of what can be considered the first major global competitive event of this new generation of Pokemon, or the Players Cup.

A completely online tournament that will challenge the best Pokémon players in the world to obtain the title of Champions, whose finals will be streamed from 22 to 23 August. Will the Italians, who already have an important history of qualifications and victories behind them, still stand up this year? Training for many of them has moved in the last few days on The lonely island of armor, the first DLC for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, a great way to trick the wait and get ready for the most important competition of 2020 .

This downloadable content is the first part of the new Pokémon video game expansion pass and adds a new explorable area, Armor Island, to the already rich region of Galar. But not only that, because players will be waiting for new Pokémon, an unprecedented adventure, a dojo for battles and much more: in short, it is the perfect companion for a summer full of fun and Pokémon. The adventure will then continue in the autumn with the second part of the Pass, The snowy lands of the crown, characterized by a silvery and sparkling landscape.

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Fans will therefore have fun during these weeks, which will instead qualify for all players dedicated to the competitive. Only 4 European players will have the opportunity to participate in the Pokémon Players Cup final and of course the competition is very high, but fortunately Italy, when it comes to Pokémon, it is among the most active and recognized countries in the world. Just think that at the World Championships last year, 45% of European guests and 37% of the top 16 automatically qualified for the second day of tournaments was made up of Italians.

Expectations are already sky high, but the road to the final is still long. The appointment is from 22 to 23 August on the Tyd channel of Cydonia, where all those who want to attend the best games in the world will be able to follow the entire competition in live streaming with technical commentary in real time.

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