Pokémon land in Fukushima: Chansey tries to sanitize the area in a particular way

Numerous Pokéstores can be found in the largest and most important cities in Japan, but for the famous pocket creatures sometimes there are surprises outside the most popular paths. As you know in fact in the land of the Rising Sun there is the fashion of dedicating the manholes to the characters of the most famous souls and there is no shortage of Pokémon.

THE Pokéfuta, so they are called in Japanese, now they also land in a new prefecture, in Fukushima. The area's Poké-ambassador will be Chansey, the pokémon that is often used to heal in pokémon centers. With this intervention we want to wish good luck to the area which in 2011 was hit by more disasters: in fact, the Japanese name of Chansey is "Rakki", or a Japanese pronunciation of lucky, lucky.

They will be installed well nine manholes dedicated to the pokémon Chansey in different parts of the prefecture, as you can see from the map below. If the miniatures you see in the image are not enough, we invite you to observe the images of the manhole covers decorated at the source. Chansey will be accompanied by several pokémon in this adventure like Ponyta, Heracross, Stantler and many others. The first manholes have already been positioned while the next ones will arrive from September onwards. One more stop to put on the Japanese itinerary if you are a Pokémon lover.

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In Nagano, however, the Ken the Warrior themed manhole covers have recently been positioned.


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