Pokémon GO, Jessie and James leave the game: last chance to challenge them

The universe of Pokémon GO prepares for a farewell: the best known faces of Team Rocket they are preparing to leave the mobile game world, but not before having launched a final challenge to the Trainers!

The Niantic team has in fact announced that starting from next 30 September, Jessie and James will no longer be available within the mobile title. Players who wish to try their hand once again in a confrontation with the two rogues will however be able to take advantage of a new dedicated appointment.

Specifically, starting from midnight on Tuesday 22 September at 23:59 on Wednesday 30 September, the Meowth-shaped balloon will appear in the skies of Pokémon GO more frequently than usual. A final wave of trouble is therefore preparing to strike in the game universe, with the Trainers who will have the opportunity to face Jessie and James for the last few days. Are you ready to take up the gauntlet?

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Among the novelties planned for the mobile game, we also remember the start of the new Season of the Pokémon GO GO Battle League. The month of September also saw the introduction of some changes to the Mega Evolutions system: introduced recently, the latter had in fact generated some complaints in the community of fans active on the title.


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