Pokémon: Fabia and Azzurra take shape in a splendid cosplay

The one of Pokémon it is undoubtedly one of the most important and famous brands of all time, an epic that over the course of these decades has become a real mass phenomenon on a global level that has been able to conquer the hearts and minds of millions and millions of people, including large and little ones, scattered in every corner of the planet.

We have seen productions dedicated to the franchise in industrial quantities and even 2019/2020 has not been less, including new animated series, themed video games, spin-offs and much more, countless products designed to keep busy a fan base hungry for news who never missed the opportunity to praise the brand with cosplay and fanart often of great quality.

This time, however, to have conquered the public's attention we find two well-known cosplayers who through the Instagram @alythuh channel have unveiled a splendid cosplay dedicated to Bea and Nessa (Fabia and Azzurra in the Italian version), both of whom are gyms seen inside Sword and Shield Pokémon. As can be seen in the image at the bottom of the news, the work put on display turned out to be nothing short of magnificent, with the two coaches who have been faithfully reproduced, with great attention paid in particular to the reconstruction of the clothing. The result looks nothing short of excellent and, as easily imaginable, has earned the praise of countless users.

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Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that many spoilers related to the next episodes of Pokémon Explorations have been revealed just recently.


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