Pokémon Explorations: the West censors episode 4 for “Hitler’s mustache”

The fate of numerous television productions has always passed through the hands of licensors who impose different layers of censorship. This phenomenon has strongly affected the West in recent years, especially our country, also altering some product scenes for a young audience such as Pokémon Exploration.

Just a few days ago, a fan had unearthed a complaint against Team Rocket who had had the opportunity to discuss the American community about the phenomenon of crippling the anime’s scenes. In any case, this phenomenon has always also closely affected Japan itself, arousing so much controversy that, even today, not all of them have completely died out. Many time slots, in fact, have forced many animation studios to make substantial changes to numerous productions, altering more violent titles such as Bleach.

Recently, an enthusiast accidentally discovered a change that the staff made to theepisode 4 of Pokémon Expeditions for its western variant. As you can see yourself at the bottom of the news, a character’s mustache has been totally removed because of its commonality with those of Hitler. A detail that has gone unnoticed by most, but which once again establishes the hard fist of the West towards all those details considered malicious for the relevant public.

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And you, however, what do you think of this censorship? Please let us know, as usual, with a comment below.


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