Pokémon Explorations: the transmission is approaching, the first Italian trailer is available

A few weeks ago, the arrival of Pokémon Exploration in Italy. The series will debut Saturday 29 August at 9:00 am on K2, and in the past few hours we have had a taste of it with the release of a first introductory trailer.

The film, through the voice of the historical narrator of the series, shows the settings of the new season; from the Kanto region to that of Galar, where our protagonists – Ash and GO – will meet of the last evolutionary phenomenon introduced in the eighth generation, the Gigamax.

Pokémon Explorations is distinguished from previous iterations by its narrative approach, which sees the two trainers, from episode to episode, move to different territories of the Pokémon world. This obviously implies a massive presence of pocket monsters, from the classic ones to the most recent ones, introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Not just the most common creatures, Pokémon Explorations will reserve some interesting surprises also for the Legendaries. But on this point we do not want to go further, you will know more by following the broadcast of the animated series.

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We remind you that, in addition to arriving on K2, Pokémon Explorations will also land on the Netflix platform. However, at the time of writing, no launch window has been announced.

Pokémon, guide to watch all series and movies in streaming. Pokémon Explorations, the new theme anticipates incredible news for the Ash and Go teams!


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