Pokémon: Explorations, that's why Mr. Mime is perfect for Ash

Pokémon: Explorations has resumed in Japan after a month-long stop due to the Covid-19 crisis that has hit the Japanese archipelago over the past few months. Finally the fans were able hug Ash and Go, the two protagonists who together with their pokémon are experiencing an unprecedented adventure game in November 2019.

In Episode 23 of Pokémon: Explorations we saw Ash and Riolu, and the eternally young protagonist took the opportunity to put his new partner to the test by training him against Mr. Mime. At this juncture it was not only the new creature that showed off: the fans in fact particularly appreciated the intervention of Mr. Mime thanks to his sympathy but also to his skill on the battlefield.

In the tweet below you can see some scenes extrapolated from thePokémon episode 23: Explorations and that allowed us to see exactly Mr. Mime. The pokémon was already essential for Ash during the Battle Frontier, in which he led his coach to victory. At the moment it is not confirmed if Mr. Mime will be a permanent member of Ash's team along with Pikachu, Dragonite, Gengar and Riolu, but fans are really hoping to see him until the end of the series.

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